Manage Html5 Video Player

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Now, Click on Html5 Video Player. You will show a submenu like this,

  • Html5 Video Player
  • Add New Player
  • PRO-Version Demo
  • Help
  • Our PRO Plugins
  • Our Free Plugins

Add New Player #

Click on the Add New Player button, and write a title. 

Configure Your Video Player 

There are various options available. We will explain each step in detail.

Source URL – Here, you can select an MP4 or Ogg video file, or also you can add an external video file link.

Video Thumbnail – Add your video thumbnail image.

Repeat – Two options are available. Once or Loop. You can choose according to your needs.


1. On – If you want the video output should be muted.

2. Off – If you want the video output should be started.

Autoplay – Turn it on, If you want video will start playing as soon as it is ready otherwise you can off it.

Player Width – Set the player width. Height will be calculated based on the value. If you want to need a responsive player width, then leave a blank.

Auto Hide Control – On it, If you want the controls like; play/pause button to hide automatically.

Fill in all the settings as per your preferences. Click on the “Save” button and enjoy yourself with your New Player.

If you can add this video player to your post, page, or text widget content. Just copy the shortcode and paste it.

Shortcode Attributes Usage

Here, we give you an example of shortcode use on the new page.


Copy your shortcode and paste the shortcode on a new page. You can directly add a video to your page.

Please see the below image for more detail.

Now, you can view your page like this.

Use of this shortcode, you can also add a player in your post, widget areas, and template files.

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