Html5 Video Player

A simple, accessible, user friendly and fully customizable video player for WordPress.

Why Html5 Video Player ?

Html5 Video Player is Packed with a huge numbers of features allowing you to achieve your goals.
80000 +


18000 +

Active Installs

7000 +

Paid Users

Fully customisable

Make the player look how you want with the markup you want.

Live Stream

Supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) .m3u8 .mpd video playback


Make money from your videos. VAST and vi.ai ad supported.

You Will Be Surprised

Html5 Video Player is highly customizable video player with lots of adjustable features.

Full support for VTT captions and screen readers.
Works great with any devices with any screen size.
View Counts
You can see how people interecting with your videos.
Content can be accessed with the keyboard alone. Supports keyboard shortcuts
Video Quality Switcher
Player can serve different video quality for both desktop and mobile browers.
Multiple Subtitle
You can use multiple subtitle files for multiple langauges
3rd Party hosts
Html5 Video Player support videos hosted in YouTube, Vimeo and amazon S3
Protected content
You can protect your content by setting passwords for specific videos.
Player translation
Html5 Video Player support for internationalization of controls
Custom Color
Change the Player color scheme to look good with your theme.
Gutenberg Block
The Html5 Video player Pro contain 2 build in Blocks.
Sidebar Widget
It contains sidebar Widget, which allow you to set video player in the sidebar area.
Sticky Video Player
Allows the users to keep an eye on the video, whilst looking through the other content at the same time.
ShortCode Powered
This plugin create shortCode for Each videos. So that you can embed a video player anywhere without coding.
Can contain mixed media inside a playlist, so we can have self hosted videos, Youtube videos and some images mixed inside the same playlist.
The Html5 Video player Pro contain video lightbox feature


Showcase your videos in a
beautiful way.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Which video file format is supported by Html5 Video Player ?

    It supports .MP4, .WebM, .Ogg &.Mov & video format.
  • Does Html5 Video Player support Live stream ?

  • How can i reache customer support if i need any helps ?

  • I need Plugin customization service, can you help ?

  • How long does it take for customer support representative to reply?

  • Can I create a Playlist ?

  • I am planning to buy the Pro version, is it a one time payment or recurring payment ?

  • I want to know more about the software lisence you offer.

  • I already have a Single site lisence, now i am going to move my site to a different domain. Do i have to buy another lisence ?

    No, you don't have to buy new lisence. You can go through the previous lisence !
  • How i will received a Update notification ?

    When a new version will be released, you will received a email notification.

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